Portland, ME - The New Slogan

Portland unveiled a refurbished slogan in 2013, "Portland, ME. Yes. Life's good here." I do not love it. Not only is this slogan vague and oddly pleading — needing to affirm itself before the thought is even stated, "Yes. You like Portland. Yes?!" — its halting structure catches on the tongue. I'm guessing the runner-up option was, "Portland, ME. Sturdy. Indeed, a goodly-fine city. Very nice thank you."

Since I have already reviewed Portland as favorably as one can, I thought I'd throw a couple slogans of my own out there to see if any stuck.

Below, enjoy nine, Drunch-approved slogans, mocked up and ready to be appropriated by the greater Portland community. You're welcome!










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I haven't met you but I love your humor, truth and perspective. Thank you for making me laugh out loud.
Thanks very much for laughing out loud, Suzanne. I appreciate the kind words!
Much better! Although I did see a moose once on Forest Ave as it ran into Deering Oaks Park. It was alarming.
Woah, you actually saw a moose? In my entire six cumulative years in Maine, the only moose i've seen has been on a "watch out for moose" highway sign.
I almost crashed my bike into a moose once. It was awesome.
I seen that same moose just trucking along through deering oaks. Welcome to Portland. Little city. Lots of heart.
Alright, just change that slogan to "You'll never see a moose or Stephen King, unless you did."
You forgot one. "Illegal immigrants welcome to live free while we support you"
Love "no the other one"
This is the most accurate list I've ever read. The last one had me I stitches!
thanks Gary and Charlie, glad you guys liked the list. If you feel so inclined subscribe to drunch! Miss nothing!
Rumor has it there's actually only one moose in Maine. Confirmed by the fact that people always see only one moose.
Ahhh, Elaine, i see that you too know about the fabled one moose of Maine. Keep that hush hush though. The tourists might dry up. Actually, maybe don't keep it hush hush.
Love "The City of a 1,000 shit apartments"!!!! Best truth!
Thanks Julie. I learned that one the hard way. Luckily, like rare birds, nice apartments do exist; they're just incredibly difficult to find.
I saw a nice apartment once. When one of my bosses - whose salary was about five times my own - asked me to drop by. And she didn't have to share it with anyone, either.
"Land of 1000 shit apartments". Truer words were never spoken. Also: "Come for the Gentrification. Stay...well, you can't stay."
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