I'm Still Writing Words - An Update

It has been a bit, hasn't it?

This post is mainly for you fine folks who are still subscribed (read: forgot to unsubscribe) from email updates. Hello again!

My purpose? To let you know that the writing I have been doing—that hasn't appeared on this site—is still real. And, in fact, a bit of it has just been published in this collection of short stories by Littoral Books. Yippee!

I'll actually be appearing in a Zoom reading + Q&A, alongside some of the other fine authors in the collection, on May 26th at 7pm EST. If you'd like to hear audible words come out of my mouth—rather than just reading them on a screen—you can sign up for that *FREE* event right here.

While I can't promise anything, I have had some ideas kicking around in my noodle that feel right for this space. So you may see some new things popping up, here and there. And, of course, thank you deeply for your support.