Collaborative Drunching

THE BAD NEWS: Drunch simmers like a delicious stew, gaining potency for your patience i.e. it's not done yet.

THE GOOD NEWS: You (you, you) get to contribute to next week's illustration(s).


Just comment on this post with the message you'd like to see uttered by my little finger-slingin', foot-goofin' Portland.

Seriously, I'll write it in, so you'll have your very own GIF of Li'l Portland saying your message. It can be short, it can be long. Challenge me you sons of guns. Just note that I am human and have human limits, so first come will probably be first included. Unless the first comment is like a ten-page racist tirade. I'm not going to write that. Li'l Portland wouldn't say that.

So yeah, comment with your message and I'll post the lot of them with next week's Drunch.

5 responses
Use any one of these. If you don't, then fine! I don't care. - I'll stab you with my fingers! - Yeehaw! Psshew! Psshew! Psshew! - Do you think my borders make me look fat? - I studied Portland's ancient martial art: Kicking Finger Dance! - Come at me, Brunch! - I love you Drunches - What drunch of dummies!
I will probably use most of these. Dave, you glorious bastard.
If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now
Kickstart "Song of the Earth"!
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